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One of my favorite ‘motivational’ blogs is the Time Management Ninja (Craig Jarrow). Recently, Craig gave 10 ways to get motivated. Here are my favorite five:

Win Early

The early bird not only gets the worm, but has a spring in its step all day long. Get something done early, and you’ll get things done all day long.

Change the Game

If you aren’t winning, you may need to change the game. Change the rules, even break them. Do things differently if you want different results.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Big wins aren’t going to happen every day. Learn to celebrate the small progress. It’s these little victories that add up over the long-term.

Do Something You Enjoy

To kick up your motivation, do something you enjoy. Find a task that you enjoy doing and use that to get you started.

Connect With Someone Positive

Positive attitudes are contagious. Connect with other positive people. Multiple positive attitudes lead to exponential motivation as a group. Read the other 5 here…   How do you best motivate yourself?
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