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Facebook announced today that they are implementing group chat and Skype video chat into Facebook. Last week, Google announced Hangouts, a GROUP video chat, that is a part of Google+ (which I’m still ticked that I can’t get into). How much are these two services on your radar for ministry purposes?  Do you think either has great ministry potential? I’d love to hear your take… Todd PS – Facebook is supposed to be rolling this out over time, but you can supposedly grab it now right here.

In a new Harris Interactive survey of 2300 adults, it was found that 74% say that the phone is still how they primarily keep in touch with friends.  And 81% said that the phone is their preferred method for keeping up with family members. 13% use video chat (ala Skype) to talk with family members, 9% to talk to friends, and just 6% to talk with their significant other. When it comes to work colleagues though, the preference is email:  43% like email for that use, 33% use voice, 12% would text, and just 6% use social networking sites to correspond with co-workers. So… what’s your preferred method of communication? My guess is that if they skewed the study to 13-20 year olds, it would have a vastly different outcome.  I think texting and social media (ala Facebook) would be tops. What do you think? Todd