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This is a recent TedTalk and presented from a purely secular viewpoint. Of course, we know that ‘success’ in ministry can be defined a myriad of different ways. And there is no discounting God’s call and/or blessing on an individual or church’s work. But there, many times is more at play, as well. Churches that seem successful and a ‘kickin’ it’ for Jesus many times, do have what seems to be an extra measure of God’s blessing, at least outwardly.  But most of them are run by talented leaders and teams that get some of what Sim Simon Sinek is talking about in this video. Wherever you’re at on the spectrum, there is probably someone that is more ‘successful’ than you in ministry; and someone who you’d deem less ‘successful’. One key is the ability of the leader to inspire actions of others.  That’s what this video talks about.  I think it’s worth your time to watch all 18 minutes.  Watch and see if there are ways that God might speak to you about the way you are currently leading: HT:  Phil Cooke