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Lifehacker had an interesting post the other day on cheating.  I hear way too many stories about cheating pastors.  I always wonder why and how they ever get to this point.  This is really something to consider: Cheating doesn’t occur just because it’s a possibility, but because the alternative to cheating is potentially worse. Say you’re back in high school and you have a history test in the morning. History is your worst subject because you don’t like it and can’t seem to memorize a bunch of dates you find incredibly boring. As a result, there’s a very likely chance you will fail the test and it will 1) negatively impact you grade, which 2) will negatively impact your chances of getting into the college you want, which 3) will result in an angry parent. Alternatively, you can cheat and be guaranteed a good grade. This, of course, comes with the risk of getting caught but you have to weigh that risk against the risk of failing”which is basically an assurance. Comparing this to the dating scenario, more people will choose to try and fail because it’s the more assured outcome, like not asking someone out for dinner. Cheating happens when the risk of getting caught cheating isn’t as scary as failing. With the dating scenario, you’re more likely to ask someone out if being alone is scarier than being rejected. When cheating becomes the more attractive outcome, people choose it. (Via Lifehacker.) Wow… I really like that quote:
Cheating happens when the risk of getting caught cheating isn’t as scary as failing.
Could this be true? Is this why so many pastors fall into the temptation of cheating on their wives, losing their career, their families, and everything they’ve worked hard and given their lives for? Does cheating happen for a pastor when the act of getting caught cheating isn’t really as scary as overall failure? Food for thought. What do YOU think? Todd  

Current Events
“When they would ejaculate, they would be getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind.” That’s what a former youth pastor told detectives.  He’s accused of sexually exploiting a number of young men in an effort, he said, to help them find ‘sexual purity in the eyes of God’. From the newspaper article: A former Council Bluffs youth pastor allegedly told the teens he is accused of sexually exploiting that he was trying to help them gain “sexual purity in the eyes of God.” Brent Girouex, 31, told Council Bluffs police detectives in February that starting in 2007 he had sexual contact with four young men who he knew while he was a youth pastor for Victory Fellowship Church. Pottawattamie County Attorney Matt Wilber said the number has risen since Girouex first talked with police on Feb. 16. Now, Wilber said there are at least eight people who have come forward. Girouex was arrested on 60 counts of suspicion of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist earlier this month and has been released on a $30,000 bond. He is due back in court on April 21. via Daily Nonpareil Online Nothing surprises me anymore. Thing is… this may have made perfect sense to this guy. The deceiver is pretty good at… yep… deceiving. It’s scary, actually. Have you ever been deceived?  Really deceived?  Care to share your story? Is it possible, that this man actually believed that, as he was praying over these young men and having sex with them, that he was somehow able to bring them closer to God?  I mean, outside of insanity, is this even possible to be deceived to this point that it actually seems right?