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Pastor Maurice Johnson of Winners Church in Queen is using public kissing contests during services to help teach married couples how to keep romance alive in their marriages. His Sunday sermons have been described as the sexiest in town… At the peak of the pastor’s sermon, four married couples are called to the pulpit. While a keyboardist and drummer create a romantic air with RnB tunes, the couple practice what is preached- kissing uninterrupted for five minutes. The couple who demonstrates the most passion while lip-locked in front of the judging congregants wins $50 to spend on date night. The Winners Church pastor who advocates physical affection to strengthen romantic partnership encourages married couples to push the boundaries and experiment with each other in public. “Any society that celebrates marriage, romance and love is going to be a free society,” the Post quoted Johnson as saying. “Public displays of affection aren’t wrong. Adam and Eve were naked, and they were not ashamed.” The bachelor pastor who intends to marry next year says he’ll practice what he preaches. via New York pastor organises kissing contests during service. // Uh… ok. I’m just wondering… four couples are called forward.  Only one couple wins.   I bet the other three couples have a cold night when they get home that night. I can just hear the conversation now.  Not only are they out the $50 prize; but now they have to look another church couple in the eyes forever knowing that they are much more romantic a kisser then their spouse is.  That’s gotta be a kick in the… face. Is this the most ludicrous thing you’ve ever heard, or is it just me?