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What is the average pay for a senior pastor these days? Well, of course, it depends… on your experience, the size of your church, and what sex you are. According to the 2012-2013 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff (which surveyed about 4,600 churches and 8,000 church positions), the average senior pastor overall makes… [drum roll please]… $82,938. That’s up from last year’s average salary of $80,745. Another interesting finding is that women church employees (senior pastor or otherwise) make on average 28% LESS than men across all paid positions in the church. QUESTION:  Regardless of your position on women in ministry (at least in Senior roles), is it OK for women working in vocational ministry to make 28% less then their male counterparts? Why or why not? Take a look at your personnel expenses… Do you pay your women staff members less then your male staff members in equal or near equal positions? Let us know your thoughts below… Todd SOURCE

Casey Graham writes:  This post is a passion of mine because I am sick of seeing pastors distracted from the work of the ministry to pay the bills.  We work with millions of dollars of church budgets and one common theme we see is that pastors are not making enough money… Casey goes on to give four reasons… two of which are here… the other two are over at his blog… 1.  To Decrease Stress Ministry is always ranked as one of the most stressful jobs.  The last thing a pastor needs to be thinking about is how they are going to pay their personal bills or be able to afford a family vacation.  IF YOU ARE BAD WITH YOUR MONEY, YOU DON’T NEED MORE MONEY!!!  However, a lot of the ministry leaders I work with really make below what it takes to run a family financially.  Church planters, you need to pay yourself first before you hire a bunch of staff!!! Don’t make your spouse bitter! 2. To Allow The Spouse To Stay Home If the ministry leader is the “bread winner” in the home they should make enough to allow the spouse to stay home if they want to.  I have seen too many spouses angry because they have to work so their spouse can be in ministry. Continue to read here… What do you think?  Are you paid enough?