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Wal-Mart Sells Bible Helping Planned Parenthood-Funding Komen

This is the perfect headline to grab a wide readership of a good section of the Christian conservative community. Woe to Walmart (for selling Bibles) Woe to the Susan G. Komen Foundation (for supposedly giving money to Planned Parenthood) Throw in a mention of Planned Parenthood and you’ve got yourself a story. Throw in how Lifeway is not selling the Bibles anymore, and it’s a homerun. OK… let me throw out some names as well. The copyright owner of the NIV version of the Bible is Zondervan… owned by HarperCollins, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Zondervan publishes Rob Bell and Shane Clairborne.  (Should be case closed there for many). The same company that owns the NIV also owns the Simpsons and Family Guy. In today’s world… it’s nearly impossible to buy something from someone who doesn’t condone something you’re against. And all the lines are blurred.  Why the Susan G. Komen Foundation is selling Bibles (when they’re an organization about breast cancer) is beyond me.  My guess is that it’s purely a fund-raiser for them. So… do these things affect your buying decisions? Would you buy a Susan Komen Bible? Who would you NOT purchase from because of their political or religious beliefs? Todd