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For those that are still upset after the election… here’s proof that maybe it just ain’t so bad here. (That’s not saying that we’ve got a lot to work on… but let’s put it in perspective.  If you lived in Tanzania, there are people who want your head… literally.) It all started with a little boy peeing on a copy of the Koran.  Seems his muslim friend was bragging that if someone was to urinate on the Koran that the person would turn into a snake, dog, or rat.  Like any boy up for a challenge, the boy gave it a whiz. Here’s part of what ensued: The mob burned down five churches, including the Seven Day Church, the Anglican Church and the Assemblies of God Church, Christians said Other property belonging to Christians in the area was also destroyed including a car belonging to the Anglican Church pastor, according to ICC investigators. “As the riots continued, the Evangelical Assemblies of God Church in Tanzania was pulled down. In the following days, unrest in the Muslim community continued, leading to the destruction of more properties across the country and the lives of Christian leaders being threatened,” Stark said in a statement obtained by Worthy News. The violence also spread to Zanzibar, where on October 18, a mob of Muslim protestors carrying clubs, swords and machetes invaded two churches shouting “We want the head of Bishop Shayo” as they tried to enter his Roman Catholic church, Christians claimed. When they failed to break into the church, the mob moved on to the Anglican church of Reverend. Emmanuel Masoud where the crowd broke windows and were seen hacking at the doors while chanting: “We need the head of Masoud!” and We want the heads of all the church pastors in Zanzibar!” Pastor Lucian Mgaywa of the Church of God in Zanzibar, said in a statement that, “These chants caused a lot of panic and some pastors, fearing for their lives, fled the island of Zanzibar to the mainland of Tanzania,” though the government later “intervened and provided security.” How’s that to give you some perspective this morning? Todd // read more here…

He’s a Latin Grammy nominated Christian music singer, and Brazil’s most popular Catholic priest. The church seats 20,000 people and has been under construction for 6 years. Here’s more: One of Brazil’s most famous priests has inaugurated a massive new Roman Catholic church that will hold about 20,000 worshippers when complete. A mass was celebrated Friday in Sao Paulo to inaugurate the Mother of God sanctuary. It’s been in construction for more than six years, and it will take several more to finish. Father Marcelo Rossi is the driving force behind the project. He’s a Latin Grammy-nominated Christian music singer and author of best-selling books in Brazil. He tells the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper the church isn’t meant as an answer to the rapid spread of evangelical churches in Brazil. Instead, the diocese served by the church badly needed a bigger structure. Read more here.