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A nice piece on Northland, A Church Distributed and their new Roku channel over at  Here’s some of the more interesting parts of the article: Northland added a Roku channel to its mix of multi-media outreach tools last October, and Andrescik was especially excited about the mainstream appeal of the device. “There’s a burgeoning ‘house church’ movement in America,” he told me, adding: “Making services available on Roku provides a way for individuals to gather together for worship in their homes that doesn’t require huddling around a computer screen or complicated PC-to-TV hookups.” Northland was the first church on Roku, but word quickly spread and others followed within weeks. Three months later, Roku is featuring its own “Religion and Spirituality” category with ten channels from churches and other religious entities. “It really happened so quickly,” said Roku’s director of corporate communications Brian Jaquet, who attributes much of this to Andrescik reaching out in the religious community. One of the churches who followed in Northland’s footsteps is Georgia-based Community Bible Church (CBC), which until two years ago was using a local access cable TV channel to broadcast its services. “(We were) realizing that for about the same cost we could reach the world with our message instead of just our county,” said CBC’s online campus pastor Kenny Snow. The church ditched cable and started to stream its services online, and it launched its very own Roku channel last month. “The simplicity and low cost has really opened up a lot of doors for people to reach out to people right from their homes,” said Snow about Roku. To be fair, a lot is relative: CBC says that its channel has been downloaded more than 6000 times, and Northland’s Andrescik puts the number of channel downloads above 5000., which launched its own Roku app in October, has so far clocked 7700 channel downloads. 7700 channel downloads is pretty cool in 4 months. I have a Roku, and I love it!  Do any of you have a Roku?   Do you see this as a valuable ministry extension for YOUR church in the future? Read more here… Todd

Hulu Plus, the PAID video subscription service is set to hit its millionth paid subscriber this year.  I’m one of them. I admit… I a tech geek, and am always trying out the new things.  (Full disclosure, I’m also a streaming NetFlix guy). What I’m finding is that I can watch just about anything on demand. Another full disclosure… I also have a Roku, which I absolutely LOVE. In fact, Using Roku to stream Hulu and NetFlix to my TV is really unbelievable. Just about the only thing that I can’t get that I get on satellite is the live news channels and sports (wouldn’t miss the sports, but would miss the news). Another cool feature of the Roku is the custom channels… especially the ones that churches (like Northland, A Church Distributed and have developed.  HD streaming of some of the best church services and preaching in the country for free (after you purchase the $99 Roku) is really, really cool. OK… so maybe you’re not as much of a tech geek as I am… but what are you testing out, tech-wise, that you’re really liking these days? Read more here at USA Today… Todd