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I might make this a regular feature here on the blog.  I have two examples in point today. Number one is someone named Pastor Peter J. Peters.  I found this over at Jesus Needs New PR.  In this episode, Pastor Peter Peters (come on… is that his real name?) first teaches us how to do the cha cha… it all seems in good fun, until the end. Then, there’s one of my favorites… Robert Tilton. In this clip, I think Robert may be surprised himself after he utters that midgets are growing as a result of his prayers.  In fact, I think Robert is concerned that we think he may be making this stuff up in this clip (found at Christian Nightmares).  Watch: Have an angry preacher video you think I should share?  Please send it to me… just click the ‘contact’ link at the top of this page! Have YOU ever ‘lost it’ in the pulpit?  I’d love to hear what happened! Todd