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Current Events
“I’m not asking you to like me. I’m not asking you to love me or respect me, because I’ll do the work to earn that…I always ask people to give me one year of your life and I promise you will be changed.” Those were the words of Pastor Paula White, the new Senior Pastor at New Destiny Christian Center in Florida. She pledged to continue the vision of Tims to build a church that helped people in trouble find success in life. At one time, New Destiny boasted 8,000 members.  About 1,000 people were in attendance on Sunday. Paula brings a lot of baggage to the new position, including much controversy from her previous church, Church Without Walls, and a tumultuous personal life over the past few years. New Destiny Christian Center has it’s own share of baggage.  Just last week, the divorced wife of the deceased founder sued to block White’s hiring (and for herself to return to the pulpit).  Riva Tims divorced her husband and co-founder a few years back after Zachery Tims was involved in an affair.  Zachery was found dead in a New York Times Square hotel room last year in what has been speculated as a drug overdose.  Zachery’s mother has been suing the coroner’s office to keep the cause of death a secret. Can anything good come of this situation? Can a congregation led by such an interesting and notoriously goofed up leadership find the hand of God blessing them? What are your thoughts?