Innovational Culture

How do you develop a culture of innovation in your church? Rick Warren has some ideas for you: You need a theology of innovation. We are the most like our creator when we’re creative. God wired us to be creative. Children are very creative. They are born creative. It’s normal. We get the creativity kicked out of us as time goes by. We learn to be afraid. But a theology of innovation always reminds us that God intends us to be creative. You need a creative atmosphere. There are certain environments I can be very creative in, and certain environments where I can’t. We’ve never...
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The Anti-Stereotypical Megachurch

Here are three quotes taken from an article at that feature three very prominent megachurch pastors.  See if this kind of flies in the face of what many people think about megachurches:  low involvement, low accountability… Here are the quotes… what do you think? Craig Groeschel on “Christian Atheists”: I believe in God but I want to do whatever the heck I want to do. I want enough of God to keep me out of hell and enough of God to get me into heaven but I don’t want so much of God that it makes me change my lifestyle because at its root I believe in God but I...
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Rick Warren releases statement on Hobby Lobby situation

Rick Warren’s statement about Hobby Lobby: Every American who loves freedom should shudder at the precedent the government is trying to establish by denying Hobby Lobby the full protection of the First Amendment. This case is nothing less than a landmark battle for Americas FIRST freedom, the freedom of religion and the freedom from government intervention in matters of conscience. Religious liberty is often called our First Freedom because it is the first phrase of the first sentence of the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights. Freedom to practice your religion is listed before the freedom of...
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Why I’m glad I’m not Rick Warren reason #37: “I have many gay friends”

I’ve mentioned several times that I am so glad that I am NOT Rick Warren. I love Rick… and I’ve been a firm defender of him over the years.  But I would not want to be Rick. EVERY SINGLE thing he says is tweeted, re-tweeted and criticized. Like this. When asked by the Huffington Post if he was homophobic, Rick replied “I have many, many gay friends.” That set off Generations Radio show hosts Pastor Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner: :Listen now… Swanson: Dave, you know, he says, ‘I have many, many gay friends.’ ‘Many, many gay friends.’ Buehner: Which is weird,...
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Megachurch pastor sued by couple for $6.6 Million

A new lawsuit by a woman and her husband claims a pastor of a large church “purposefully introduced her into his life of depraved pornography, adultery, scheming, lies and the abandonment of her marriage and family with the intent that it would lead to the destruction of her marriage and family, which he knew would be going against everything she ever believed in or truly desired.” The couple is seeking $6.6 million for breach of fiduciary duty, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and other claims. SOURCE   Folks… this HAS...
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Our take: When America’s pastor goes “Gangham Style”

Matt Steen and I talk about Rick Warren’s recent tweet about his phone’s ring town being ‘Gangham Style’ and how it has infuriated some bloggers. This is just one more reason that I’m glad I’m not Rick Warren.  Can you imagine people writing blog posts every time you tweet?  Oh my. CBS News even posted this: Well… here’s our take… Sorry for the ‘not great’ video quality.  My internet connection is bad here in rural Ohio.  :) When America’s Pastor Goes Gangham...
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The Filter: Robert Schuller, Gangham Style, John MacArthur, Pat Robertson, and Fireman Ed

It’s time for this week’s installment of The Filter with Matt Steen and myself. What are we trying to prove?  Nothing, really… it’s just two normal guys talking about ‘churchy’ stuff… the things that interest us in the church and ministry leadership world. We hope that you will be challenged. We think you’ll probably disagree with us (at least once each week). But if love  Jesus, and the church, we think you just might like The Filter. Just sayin’.  Here’s this week’s episode for your viewing pleasure: SHOW NOTES: Why we need to let...
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Newsweek: Rick Warren’s Resurrection

Newsweek just did a story on Rick Warren.  Not the most unbiased article I’ve seen, but interesting… at least from the way the reporter views Rick and his work. Here’s the opening line… I think it shows some bias… and the ‘coterie of aides’ is a little bit of an overstatement, I believe.  :) He was once the hottest evangelical in America. Now, 10 years after the book that made him a star, the pastor wants the spotlight again. This time, it may not be so easy. More from the article: Without waiting for an answer or even an introduction, Rick Warren, megachurch...
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Why do pastors leave their church?

A great article this past week from Charles Arn on ‘Pastoral Longevity and Church Growth’.  According to studies, there is an undeniable relationship between pastoral tenure and church growth.  Truth is:  Many pastors leave way before the amount of time it will take them to be truly effective.  Here’s a chart showing a recent studies findings on why pastors are leaving their churches: Here are some additional excuses Charles thinks are contributing factors: • More money.  Human nature is always dissatisfied, however much we make. • Conflict.  Another characteristic of...
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Rick Warren on the Loss of Civility in our Culture

Great quote from Rick Warren as we move on from the election: “The coarsening of our culture and the loss of civility in our civilization is one of the things that concerns me most about our nation. We don’t know how to disagree without being disagreeable. The fact is, you can — you can walk hand-in-hand without seeing eye-to-eye. And what we need in our country is unity, not uniformity. There are major differences, politically, religiously, economically in our nation. We have many different streams in our nation . . . What is solvable is how we treat each other with our differences . . . In...
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