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Here’s an interesting update from John MacArthur, speaking on multisite churches:
The first thing that comes to mind with multi-site pastors preaching on flat screens to people in another city is that it’s completely artificial….It’s artificial, it’s not real, it’s not reality….The most important of all the shepherds to be known and loved and understood and watched by the flock, is the one who teaches them the Word of God. The very basic requirement for a pastor is that the congregation can affirm that he is a godly man: they know his life, they know his wife, they know his kids, they know he manages his household well, they know how he lives, how he spends his money, how he behaves. All of that exposure is necessary to the confidence of the people in the pastor….Intimacy, connection, friendship, vulnerability, exposure, that’s essential to being a pastor. Any other approach is purely artificial and it has a way of making somebody famous without making them a real shepherd.
Found here.  (You’ll enjoy this article!) So… the answer is… John is not going multisite in the foreseeable future. Word to all the artificial multi-site pastors and churches out there:  Keep up the good work. But word to the wise:  If you REALLY wanted to spread the gospel… TV is where it’s at.  The 60 in. plasma in my living room beats out your 10 foot screen every day of the week (even if it is purely supplemental). Todd

Here’s a new feature at the blog… I proudly (well, not so proudly) present my stupid church idea of the week. DISCLAIMER:  As you’ll see by the comments… some took this idea a little TOO seriously.  It was not meant to be… actually, that’s why it’s named the STUPID church idea of the week.  For those that thought I was mocking… please don’t misinterpret my light-hearted and sometimes self-admitted snarkiness as ridicule.  Seriously folks.  And also, don’t take this as a theological fight.  Wasn’t meant as such.  (You’re on the wrong blog, btw).  The point I was TRYING to make (and doing so in an obviously lousy fashion) is that new technologies cause us to re-think everything.  THAT is a discussion that is worthy to be having this days.  OK… my rant of a disclaimer is done.  🙂 This idea is REALLY stupid… but on a serious side, causes me to think about what kinds of ministry are possible or are out of bounds using technology.  We’ve already had discussions the past couple of years about using the internet for different types of things that we normally do in person at the church… things like discipleship, communion and baptism.  I wonder if anyone is already doing my stupid idea of the week, and I just don’t know about it.  🙂 Anyway… for what it’s worth… he it is.  I’d love to hear your comments (if you’re brave enough to respond!) Todd