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Current Events
It’s coming to TLC sometime soon.  The network has signed a contract to produce a show called “Preacher Wives” that will follow the wives of preachers in the Atlanta area. “With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve”. That’s from True Entertainment president Steven Weinstock. I’m not sure who made the determination that 1.  these ladies deserve the spotlight; or 2.  that these ladies crave the spotlight. The list of ‘preacher’s wives’ hasn’t yet been announced.  We’ll see who shows up on it. I’m doubting that Sandra Stanley will be one. Eddie Long’s soon to be divorced wife could be a possibility if they want to chronicle the divorce. Who else from the Atlanta area would you expect to see show up on a show like this? And who would you WANT to see? And finally… would you watch? More here.

Current Events
Megachurch pastor Phil Hotsenpiller and his wife, Tammy, invited their Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist neighbors over to their Southern California home for an interfaith, multicultural meal. But not just any meal: This one was being filmed as a pilot for a reality TV show based on Tammy Hotsenpiller’s book, “Taste of Humanity” – which she described as an attempt to “bring cultures together through cuisine.” “I had everyone bring something from their country,” Tammy Hotsenpiller recalled, “and I thought, ‘Well what is America known for? I mean, apple pie and hot dogs.’ So I brought apple pie and hot dogs. We did a hot dog bar with all the condiments and everything else.” Their neighbors hadn’t gotten together in 20 years. “And the first thing [our guests] asked was, ‘Was it kosher? Are they beef? Are they pork?’ “So it gave us an opportunity to talk about their conviction and why they don’t eat pork and what that means, and it really opened up some great opportunities of dialogue and conversation – just really over cuisine – all of us sitting down and talking about what our beliefs are.” The Hotsenpillers won’t say which networks they’re pitching the reality show to. Ashley Williams, who has worked as a segment producer for ABC’s “The Bachelor,” filmed the pilot. In 30 minute episodes, the Hotsenpilles say, the program would showcase dinners held in the homes of people from neighborhoods across America. via Hot dogs, apple pie and religion: Pastor pitches reality food show – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs. What do you think?  Good idea for a reality tv show, or horrible?