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Interesting piece from Self-described experts on church planting would have predicted great success for Randy. Him and his wife Kelsey had felt a strong call to plant. Their vision was a seeker-friendly and Holy Spirit led congregation. There was also financial backing as the team moved into a booming Cincinnati suburb. “It had every reason to succeed but it didn’t,” Randy says looking back. “We were shocked and stunned because we had poured everything we had into this thing for years. To see it die was sad and embarrassing. I didn’t want to talk about it. I felt like I had wasted people’s time and money. I felt like I had heard from the Lord to do it but something had obviously gone wrong and I figured that must have been me.” But the end wasn’t messy. There was no big blow up or falling out. “It didn’t explode. It coasted off to the side of the road and coughed,” Randy says. A Call to Quit The team had gathered around 70 people to their weekly meetings. While pastors of some UK churches would be delighted with such a number, (and celebrate that revival was on the way) Randy wasn’t as impressed. “Here in the US you almost ought to be able to gather 70 people with good donuts and decent music. This is not the hardest, darkest place in the world. “The church expression was not invalid, it was pleasing to the Lord but the things the Lord had put in our hearts for outreach, we were nowhere near accomplishing. I found myself using a lot of energy to maintain what we had built rather than to expand in the way the Lord had laid on my heart to do.” The quitting is never fun because it’s never fully understood. Was the calling to leave the fledgling church plant as strong as the earlier call to start it? “As strong but definitely not as fun! It’s always more exciting to be starting something than to quit something. The quitting is never fun because it’s never fully understood. Even when it’s the Lord there are people who pull slogans out like ‘God isn’t a quitter’. They are preaching at you with bumper stickers!” // Read more via ‘Jesus Killed My Church!’ | Have you ever planted a church that failed? How did you know when to quit? Which was harder?  Starting the church, or pulling the plug? Todd

Yeouch. This report (written in a definite non-american journalistic style) says that up to 200 pastors resigned Winner’s Church in Nigeria.  The church, lead by Bishop David Oyedepo claims 50,000 worshippers. You can read the report here. To see a list of the world’s largest megachurches, click here. What would you do if every single one of your pastors resigned this morning?    

EverythingPastor writes, “How do you leave something that you love? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the past couple of weeks. On October 4th, I put in my 60 day notice at my church. I’ve been here four years and have loved every step of the way. We had always assumed that we would be at Greenwood forever, but about six months ago, God became to change our hearts and as a result we feel he’s re-ignited our passions for missions and church planting. We were always planning to church plant, we just thought that we be overseas and not in America. It’s been such a growing process for our family. Now that our decision is public, we have to deal with everything that comes from resigning from a ministry. Here are his bullet points: 1.  Think about who to tell first 2.  Expect to be a lame duck 3.  Let Go 4.  Tell those you care about how you feel 5.  Leave the bridges entact 6.  Prepare the way for the next person Take a read here. As you’ve left ministries and jobs over the years, what have been the most important things you would add to this list? What mistakes have you made in ministry job transitions? I’d love to hear.  Leave a comment below; and share this post with your friends using the buttons below as well…

According to, here are some reasons it may be time to quit your job…
  • Your job focuses on all of your weaknesses
  • Getting a promotion seems years away
  • Your co-workers are creating an atmosphere that is not conducive to success
  • Incoming business is screeching to a halt
More here… Well… how is your job in these four areas?