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Current Events
The Vatican announced Sunday an arrangement to allow disaffected Episcopalian congregations in the United States to join the Roman Catholic church. The arrangement will allow an exemption to priestly celibacy for former Episcopal priests who are married. Interesting development.  But it opens a can of worms for celibate Catholic priests who won’t be grandfathered in, but will want the right to marry if others can.  Don’t you think? I know this is a little outside our normal evangelical circle discussion, but any thoughts? Read more here…

Current Events
Pope John Paul II, famous for his power to communicate the Roman Catholic Church’s message around the world, is getting another chance to do so, with the Vatican launching pages dedicated to him on Facebook and YouTube. The Holy See launched the social networking pages Tuesday, in advance of the beatification of Pope John Paul II on May 1, the last step before sainthood. “The aim is to diversify the instruments so as to give this initiative as great an exposure and as wide a coverage as possible,” the Vatican press office said in a statement. The new Facebook and YouTube pages feature video clips from John Paul’s nearly 27-year pontificate and are being maintained by Vatican Radio and of the Vatican Television Centre. The Vatican announced in January that John Paul II, who died in 2005, would be beatified later this year. The social networking campaign around his beatification comes after Pope Benedict praised online social media, even while identifying some dangers of the new technology. via Blogs. Now if we could just get Adrian Rodgers and  J. Vernon McGee a facebook page, we’d be all set.  (I didn’t check… maybe they already have one).