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In a new Harris Interactive survey of 2300 adults, it was found that 74% say that the phone is still how they primarily keep in touch with friends.  And 81% said that the phone is their preferred method for keeping up with family members. 13% use video chat (ala Skype) to talk with family members, 9% to talk to friends, and just 6% to talk with their significant other. When it comes to work colleagues though, the preference is email:  43% like email for that use, 33% use voice, 12% would text, and just 6% use social networking sites to correspond with co-workers. So… what’s your preferred method of communication? My guess is that if they skewed the study to 13-20 year olds, it would have a vastly different outcome.  I think texting and social media (ala Facebook) would be tops. What do you think? Todd

In an industry where unbreakable and smaller are best, the world’s first interactive paper computer looks set to dominate for years to come. The PaperPhone has a flexible electronic display that is set to herald a new generation of computers. Extremely lightweight and made out of a thin-film, the prototype device can do everything a smartphone currently does. Read more: Incredible technology. I think the flexibly display will be huge. Not so sure about the bend to select technology, or the paper phone. What do YOU think? Todd