Pat Robertson on “awful looking women”

Come on women… get with the program. Pat Robertson gives advice from his 58 years of marriage.  He knows what he’s talking about. Somehow I think his co-host doesn’t agree. Oh my. Don’t you wish you owned your own Christian television network so you could say wacky...
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How did I do with my 2012 Church Predictions?

One year ago today, January 2, 2012, I made some ‘mostly fun’ predictions for the church and ministry world for 2012.  Let’s see how I did: Ted Haggard. Ted Haggard will again get headlines for something we wish he wouldn’t.  (And his upcoming appearance on Wife Swap doesn’t even count).  I predict that Ted will say or do something this year that will make us all want to hide under a rock. Ted was pretty quiet in 2013.  Looks like it’s me hiding under a rock. Pat Robertson. Speaking of rocks, and our desire to stone someone, Pat Robertson will sometime this year,...
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The Filter for December 10 – cell phones, Rob Bell, Ken Ham, conflict, and WWJD?

It’s time for our weekly look at what’s happening in the ministry world with my good friend Matt Steen and myself. This week, we talk about all kinds of current events and happenings in the church and ministry world.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy while you’re multi-tasking today: SHOW NOTES: 44% of cell phone owners have slept with their cell phone (0:05) Depression  Adolescent Sexual Activity in Romantic and Nonromantic Relational Contexts: A Genetically-Informative Sibling Comparison (5:45) Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” book resulted in a 3,000 member decrease at Mars Hill...
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Our Take: Pat Robertson says he missed God’s voice. Should we be surprised?

Last week, Pat Robertson came clean.  He said that he had totally missed God’s voice in the 2012 presidential election. How do you feel when someone tells you that they’ve heard directly from God? Have you found that it is usually validated later, or is it usually proven to be false? How do you know if you’ve really heard from God? Here’s our take (and by ‘our’), I mean my Filter co-host Matt Steen and myself: What do you think? Have you ever THOUGHT you heard the voice of God, only to find out later, it wasn’t confirmed? Have you ever trusted in someone that...
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Ken Ham and Pat Robertson fight over creation

I’m thinking we could settle this with an old-fashioned duel. Last man standing wins. Pat Robertson has been accused by evangelical Christian and creationism proponent Ken Ham of “destructive teaching,” after the televangelist stated that the existence of dinosaurs is evidence that Young Earth Creationists are wrong about the planet being 6,000 years old. Christian Broadcasting Network spokesman Chris Roslan told The Christian Post on Friday, however, that “Dr. Robertson stands by his comments.” The controversy arose earlier this week when Robertson, co-hosting his...
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The Filter: Robert Schuller, Gangham Style, John MacArthur, Pat Robertson, and Fireman Ed

It’s time for this week’s installment of The Filter with Matt Steen and myself. What are we trying to prove?  Nothing, really… it’s just two normal guys talking about ‘churchy’ stuff… the things that interest us in the church and ministry leadership world. We hope that you will be challenged. We think you’ll probably disagree with us (at least once each week). But if love  Jesus, and the church, we think you just might like The Filter. Just sayin’.  Here’s this week’s episode for your viewing pleasure: SHOW NOTES: Why we need to let...
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Pat Robertson admits he missed God’s voice on the election…

Take a look… what do you think? Have you ever been stuck by thinking that you heard the voice of God, but were proven wrong? How does that happen? And would it be better if you, me, and Pat would keep our mouths shut in the first place? I don’t know… I’m just asking. Todd
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Pat Robertson on Petraeus situation: She’s good looking; he’s a man

Please, make him stop. Found here. Thoughts? Todd
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Come clean, Pat Robertson

This is from a post I wrote on January 4 of this year about Pat Robertson and his annual predictions he gets from his direct revelation from God. God told Pat who our next president should be… but told him not to talk about THAT. Here are some of the better/worse points of the 2012 revelation.  (And I do love how God speaks to Pat the first week of January each year… I think it’s kinda cool that God’s on our calendar.) Your country will be torn apart by internal stress. Expect chaos and paralysis. There must be an urgent call to prayer. A time of maximum stress and peril… this country will...
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Hits and Misses: modesty glasses, Jesus burgers, and Benny Hinn

Here’s a look at this week’s hits and misses: Here are some links.  If you’d like to watch our entire FILTER podcast from this week, you can go here…  Pat Robertson’s wife-beating joke God still talking with Jim Bakker through alliteration Modesty Glasses Crowd-sourcing your church plant Church Project Uses Letters, Social Media, to Spread God’s Love Church suing for right to hand out flyers in front of Mormon church Brunswick pastor goes door to door handing out condoms Jesus Burgers The Rise of the Corporate Chaplain Think before you give away that free water Churches...
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