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I love Jesus. But many other people who love Jesus just see things in a totally different way than I do. Like Pastor Sam Morris, from Tennessee. I believe Pastor Sam loves Jesus. But he has a totally different worldview than I do. I agree with some of his premises, in fact, but they are delivered in a way that I find kind of revolting. Amen? Is there a way that this type of preaching is helpful?  Does it change minds and hearts?  Or does it just rile up the base? The base should be energized by the work of the cross and the message of the gospel; and spurred on by the urgency of the message, in my opinion; not the banging of the ‘our world is stupid, hedonistic, humanistic, and of the devil’. What does that help? Listen to this… and tell me how it makes you feel.  Is God pleased at this man’s outrage? What do YOU think? Todd   HT:  ChristianNightmares