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Imagine going into your church this morning and finding that someone had set fire to the bathrooms. And the same people had carved profanity into your piano in the sanctuary. They set your hymnals on fire. And threw condems all over the floor of the sanctuary.  They also slung around whipped cream and peanuts… you know… just for good measure. How would you respond?  Privately?  Publicly?  To your church?  To the media? Pastor Eric Atcheson lived this in the past couple of weeks.  His response? Forgiveness. Pastor Eric gets the quote of the week:
“I don’t know if we were protected or are just blessed, but look around, all of this is still standing,”
And church member Justin Wheeler gets runner up:
“We welcome the ones who have done this to us with open arms, hopefully they will visit and learn what we’re about.”
How would YOU have responded? // Read more here… Todd