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Andy Stanley is not speaking at our next online conference. In fact, neither is anyone else you’ve heard of… yet. We’re happy to invite you to Leadership Network’s next online conference called “groundSWELL”.  The topic is the future of the church; and the speakers are all aged 13-19.  That’s right… every speaker is a teenager! The future of the church is alive and well inside each one of our churches.  But what will it take to reach their generation? We asked some of the sharpest teenage minds in the church TODAY about what the church will need to be like TOMORROW. You’ll hear from LAUREN.  Lauren is a very articulate young woman, zealous-for-God and the lost..  At 17 years old, whe’s a leader among her peers, and a real leader and voice for the future in her church. NICK officially joined his church staff when he was just 16; and is currently training for full-time ministry.  He’s passionate about studying all-things church, and will no-doubt be an unstoppable force in the next generation of the church. And you’ll meet JACOB.  Jacob is a tremendous leader and speaker.  As a teenager, he led his church in Chicago to start a movement to help eradicate world hunger and reach out to those who need the Gospel of Jesus. These are just three of the more than two dozen young leaders we’ll introduce you to. We asked these young leaders “What does the church need to change to reach your generation?”  Their answers make up our entire three hour online conference. The conference is scheduled for Thursday, March 1.  It is free and online… all you need is your computer and a good internet connection.  But you must pre-register to attend. I hope you’ll join us as we take a look at the future of the church through the eyes of those who will be leading it.  You may not have heard of the speakers yet, but they are our future leaders.  And we can learn from them today. Take one minute right now to register for this free event at  It all happens on March 1.

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It’s often the Turning Points in our lives that define us and set us on course for a new direction. For great leaders, these are often the very moments that refine our determination, discernment and decision making for years to come. We’ve gathered a brilliant group of women who’ve agreed to share not only their stories of success, but also their moments of failure. What they’ve learned can be applied to your life as you lead through change in your own ministry! Join us for our next Leadership Network Online Experience: Turning Points: Leading through Change Wednesday, March 2, 2010 starting at 11:00 a.m. EST. Register right now for FREE right here…