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It’s been seventeen years since Andy Stanley left his father’s First Baptist Church in Atlanta.  Seventeen years since Charles Stanley’s controversial divorce, and seventeen years since the rift that caused the father/son ministry team to separate. Last month, Andy Stanley spoke at First Baptist to honor his father’s 80th birthday.  And he opened up to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the awkward departure from First Baptist, the founding of North Point, and the healing that’s taken place between him and his father: There’s also a nice article that goes along with the video here… Todd

North Point answered the call of Andy Stanley on Sunday and gave over $1.5 million to the church’s ‘Be Rich’ campaign. According to The idea started at North Point Ministries five years ago and caught on quickly. The message from the pulpit was very simple — you have it, they don’t. “The reality is by world standards, if we have more than we need, we are rich. So this is an opportunity not to be rich, but to be rich toward others,” said North Point’s director of community services, Bryan Apinis. From the pulpit, the needs were spelled out — give to support foster care, find shelter for the homeless, rebuild inner city schools and help with health care. “We help several other organizations,” said congregation member Kenneth Washington. “We go downtown and actually feed the homeless. If you saw that crowd and saw the number of people who show up — kids running around in diapers — you would feel compelled to give every single time. We take out little guys downtown with us so they can appreciate how good they have it.” This type of giving — with no bounds or strings attached — is adding another dimension to Georgia hospitality. It’s called Georgia generosity. Just two years ago, North Point Ministries raised a quarter-million dollars in one day. On Sunday, they did it again — raising more than $1.5 million from its congregations in a single day. You can read more here… Way to go North Point! Todd

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Andy Stanley pastor had a challenge for church members at the end of October. “I said, ‘You know what, we’re such a big church, I just think half a million dollars — we can do that so easily… I challenge you to give a million dollars.” He also challenged members to donate 25 tons of food, and 8,000 hours of time volunteering. Now, just over a month later, the church has raised $2 million, donated 41 tons of food and about 15,000 hours of volunteer time. North Fulton Community Charities has gotten so much donated food from the church that it doesn’t have room to store it all right now. “Every time we get donations, it’s wonderful. But when it comes in such quantity that North Point Community Church has done, it’s amazing,” said Barbara Duffy, Executive Director. “It’s only been a couple of months when we had no food on the shelf and we were begging. And for North Point Community Church to have created 33,000 pounds of food in one weekend is amazing.” Duffy said food pantries across the Metro Atlanta area do need food donations year round. via Megachurch surpasses its donation goals; fills local food pantry – CBS Atlanta 46. // There is a reason that Perry Noble calls him Andy “Freakin'” Stanley. Way to go, Andy.  Way to go North Point. Sure… North Point is a huge church with huge resources.  But what is your church doing in your community this Christmas to make a difference?