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OK… the Filter is not your average video podcast.  In fact, we’d say it’s ‘below average’. No special high profile guests.  No format, really.  Just a couple of guys (Matt Steen and myself) who love Jesus and love the church, talking about the ministry happenings of the week. We’d like to invite you along for the ride.  Pop it on while you’re eating lunch.  Watch it before you have a tough meeting (or after).  And The Filter is a great procrastination tool for not getting the stuff done that you know you should be doing. That said, it’s 55 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back… but 55 minutes that I hope you’ll enjoy. So… grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite adult beverage) and join a couple of friends as we talk about everything that happened this past week that we think you’ll find interesting… Rather just listen to the audio version?  (We admit… we DO have faces for radio)… click here… SHOW NOTES: Why Jesus Might Want to Punch You (and Me) in the Face (0:33) Pope Benedict to guide followers with personal Twitter account (3:57) Pastor/Worship Leader Open Brewing Company (6:45) Dustin Buff, Pastor Of Grace Church, Goes ‘Homeless’ As Experiment (10:56) North Point Raises $1.5 Million in ONE DAY! (13:41) Christ United Methodist Church inducted into the Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame (14:49) Harlem churches attract European tourists to worship (17:20) Brian McLaren: What if God is Keeping People Away from Our Churches? (21:00) Pat Roberston on the Petraeus Situation: She’s Good Looking; He’s a man (26:08) Who Takes You to the Woodshed? (30:10) What YOU Need to Learn from General Petraeus’ Screwup (31:20) Guy Fieri and Criticism (35:33)