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Here’s a video from Eric Geiger that we didn’t have time to show on the NINES (in fact we had over 50 GREAT videos that we just didn’t have time to show… we showed Eric’s on “How to Gracefully Kill a Church Program” instead!). Here are Eric’s points to consider if/when your church is struck with tragedy:
  • Teach well: In the midst of pain, it is time to crush the unbiblical clichés that causes people to view all trials as judgment or tell themselves that God never allows us to encounter more than we can handle. God often allows us to be overwhelmed with way more than we can handle so we will depend more on Him. We live in a messed up and fallen world, yet God sometimes uses painful moments to purify us.
  • Lead well: When there is uncertainty in the church because of a tragedy, the people need to be assured that they will be “led well and fed well.” The people will be led well not because of the skill of the leaders but because God is continually watching over His people. He is always caring for His flock, and He has already provided everything we need.
  • Love well: One tragedy seems to expose other tragedies. The other tragedies are probably already there, but a big tragedy that grabs the congregation’s attention and simultaneously softens the leaders’ hearts to be more aware and sensitive to the existing pain in the lives of others.
You can read more at Eric’s blog… Has YOUR church ever been struck by tragedy?  How did you work your way through it? Todd  

If you missed the NINES a couple of weeks ago, you missed a great finale video from Rick Warren. Everyone wants to be a superstar.  But here’s the truth: Your local church is far more important than your fame. If you missed the NINES, you can still watch all the videos and download the program book (for a very small price)… in fact… over 150 videos are archived and ready for you to watch with your team at your convenience. Watch NINES videos NOW!