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Leadership is a big topic in the church these days. Heck… I work for “Leadership” Network. But some say our leadership culture has gone too far.  Lance Ford has written a new book called “UnLeaders”.  He’s a quote from Lance:
The leadership culture in the Church has fed a lot of egos and crowded out the character of Jesus in the name of leadership.
You can read this quote in full context of an interview here… As with anything, when we concentrate just on one thing, we will get derailed. I think leadership in the church is vitally important.  Without great leaders, churches flounder.  Seriously. But do you agree with Lance, that all this concentrate on leadership has fed egos and crowded out the character of Jesus? What do YOU think? Todd

Great post over at based on a new book called The Trust Edge. Here are eight pillars to form the framework for building trust and overcoming barriers in your leadership. I think these are vitally important in your ministry work: Clarity. Clarity starts with honesty. People trust the clear and distrust the vague. Communicate clearly and frequently. Compassion. Think beyond yourself. There are four keys ways we show we care: listen, show appreciation, be engaged, and serve others. Character. Have high morals and be consistent in your thoughts, words, and actions. Always ask, “Am I doing the right thing?” Competency. Humility is the first step in learning. Create a regular plan for staying competent and capable. Commitment. Great leadership demands sacrifice. The people who stick with you when things are tough are the ones you can really trust. Connection. Trust is about relationships. In every interaction we increase or decrease trust. Be genuine, be grateful and avoid gossip. Contribution. You must deliver results to be trusted. Give attention, resources, time, opportunity, and help. Consistency. Probably the most important pillar of all as it gives meaning to all of the other pillars. You will never get one big chance to be trusted in your life; you will get thousand of small ones. Just one inconsistency can change people’s perspective. Read more here… Thoughts? Todd

Current Events
Mark and Grace Driscoll’s new book, Real Marriage, reached the top spot on the list of bestselling books for both and for a while on Monday despite not being available in stores until Tuesday. You can order a copy of “Real Marriage” from right here if you’re so inclined. My question to you is… are YOU planning on reading the book? Respond back with one of the following: 1.  Already read it.  Loved it. 2.  Already read it.  It was ok. 3.  Already read it.  Complete heresy. 4.  Gonna read it… can’t wait. 5.  I’ll probably read it, but won’t like it. 6.  I like books like this because it gives me something to complain/gripe about, so I’ll probably read it. 7.  Not gonna bring that smut into my house. There… I’ve given you some pretty good choices.  Let me know your thoughts.  You can even give a brief explanation if you like!