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My colleague Tim Nations, who is heading up Leadership Network’s “Rapid Growth Churches” Leadership Community shares some insights from the fourth group of quickly growing churches that convened recently in Dallas. Here are the concerns these churches are talking about.  Tim writes: Each church came into the room with a unique set of questions, challenges, and opportunities.  However, the following three shared issues emerged that teams spent time working on together: Staffing and StructureEvery team realized that staffing and structure were key issues to ongoing, sustainable growth.  Some of the questions they wrestled with included:
  • How do we reorganize reporting structures and current responsibilities, and develop staff to minimize multiple hats?
  • How do we staff for need vs. growth, using metrics to operate by principle rather than pressure?
  • When do you move someone? (It’s the leadership’s responsibility to train and develop; point to vision and communicate clearly and honestly; do it with honor)
Assimilation, Spiritual Growth, Leadership DevelopmentIn rapid growth situations, systems that move people from attendee to leader often get broken down.  Each of these churches have a strong desire to ensure newcomers and existing members are cared for, nurtured, and developed.  Key questions included:
  • How do we define discipleship?
  • Groups – managing the tension between rows and circles; it’s a “both and”.
  • What are the onramps to leadership?
Multisite Issues and OpportunitiesNot every church that was present is currently multisite, but all of them are engaged in the conversation as a potential future possibility.  Much of this discussion centered around:
  • What do you centralize/decentralize?
  • How much variety in sites is ok?
  • What are the advantages to video sites vs. live preaching?
  • What is the key issue for site success?  (Staffing!)
// read more here… As your church grows… what are the things that you are dealing with the most right now?  Do they coincide with the list above?
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