Has the church ever become your mistress?  Here are some great and pretty heady questions to ask yourself as you start your week… Do you need to confess your affair with church/work to God and to your wife? What kind of idolatry has been motivating your church/work affair? How can you embrace the good news of repentance to true change? Is there someone in your life that can regularly exhort you to put the mistress away and remind you that Christ is your identity? via When Church is a Mistress | The Resurgence. How’d you...
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Top pastoral regrets: What would YOU do differently?

If you’ve been a pastor or church leader for more than 5 minutes, you probably have some regrets. Thom Rainer recently asked 25 pastors (all of whom have been in ministry for over 25 years and are over the age of 55) what they wish they would have done differently. CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO (Length:  6 min 09 sec) Subscribe to MinistryBriefing on YouTube What was YOUR biggest regret in Ministry?  Leave a text or video comment...
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Matt Chandler on “Calling”

Is call to ministry important these days?  To be honest, I don’t hear the words ‘called to ministry’ much anymore.  Heard it all the time when I was growing up… either you were ‘called to ministry’ or your were not.  If you were ‘called to ministry’ and you decided at any point that God had you in anything other than a church role… well, then you had some ‘splainin’ to do. Perhaps the whole discussion of ‘calling’ broke down when the church started hiring so many specialists.  Sure, senior pastors are...
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Hands in the cookie jar: Pastor charged with stealing $253,000

It was a pretty simply ploy according to prosecutors.  Set up a separate account called with “Ministry” in the name of it; forge your treasurer’s signature, and you’re off to the races. Not sure how he got the money into the account without being caught… … for TEN YEARS. // Read the story here… Lessons: 1.  If you’re a pastor… DON’T TOUCH THE MONEY 2.  If you’re a pastor… DON’T TOUCH THE MONEY… EVER. 3.  If you’re in a position of authority, make sure you don’t let the pastor touch the money…...
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Job Opening: Pastor of Children’s Ministry in Peoria, AZ

Director/Pastor of Children’s Ministry Peoria, AZ We are looking for a Pastor/Director of Children’s Ministry that can: Articulate a vision for dynamic, life-changing ministry to children; Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and volunteer staff; Oversee the children’s ministry from birth through 6th grade; Administrate the budget for the children’s ministry; Implement a strategy for recruitment and training of volunteers to minister to children; Consult closely with pastoral staff to coordinate the vision  and programsof the children’s ministry with the mission of Horizons...
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Would you do it all again?

In today’s edition of USA Today, in a survey of 26,000+ adults… “If I could do it all over again I would choose…” 41% said the same career 59% said a new career Ministry is a little bit different when you factor in everyone’s different view of ‘calling’. But my question to you today is… WOULD YOU DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN?  Or if you could go back to age 20, would you choose a different career? Take a moment to add your response to the comments section (and why).  You can do so anonymously if you like. Thanks, Todd
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My two pet peeves about ministry people

I have two pet peeves about people in ministry:  People that take everything too seriously; and people that don’t take important things seriously enough… On the one hand, you have people that take everything WAY too seriously.  Read the comments section on many of the posts here at MMI and they are filled with a few people that take EVERYTHING way too seriously. Take a recent post about Mark Driscoll and John Piper having fun with each other about whether or not most Christians would enjoy a new book written about the first five books of the Old Testament. Driscoll said you’d have...
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Journey to Complementarianism

Whether you’re an egalitarian or a complementarian, I wish all people approached the subject as Darrin Patrick does: Here’s why: 1.  Darrin is sincere in his belief, but he allows for others to differ. 2.  Darrin came to his conclusion by studying scripture, not by talking with someone who read someone else’s book. 3.  Darrin doesn’t use this issue as a test for sincerity or fellowship.  He agreeably disagrees. So, no matter which side of this argument you come down on, I appreciate, in the end, how he has communicated his differences. What do you...
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Facebook = 1 in 7 minutes online

One in every seven minutes online and three out of every four minutes on social networking sites are spent onFacebook, according to a comScore report released Tuesday. When you read things like this, does it cause you to re-think how you’re approaching ministry? How are you engaging your people through Facebook? If you’re not asking this question, you’re missing something...
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Matt Chandler: Fulfill YOUR Ministry

Watch this short clip (one minute, 40 seconds) on why Matt Chandler thinks you should fulfill YOUR ministry, NOT Mark Driscoll’s. Thoughts?
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