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Max Lucado reminds us, “It all works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.” As Michael Hyatt points out in his post this morning, Romans 8:28 is STILL in the Bible. God has something special for you.  In fact, everything’s happening for a reason. And if you’re in a conflict right now… and if you’re going to take Romans 8:28 as true… then God has something good  for you in the end.  And God has something good for the person you’re in conflict with in the end as well. I think it’s the ‘working’ part of Romans 8:28 that we don’t like.  And many times we don’t get that during the ‘working’ stage. So… don’t worry… if it hasn’t worked out yet, God’s not finished. That may be just the word you need to make it through your day. via Romans 8:28 Still in the Bible. What do YOU think?  

Lifeway Research recently asked who the top living preacher that has most influenced Protestant pastors.  The number one answer:  Billy Graham (he had 3x the votes of the second name on the list).  Who came in second? Drum roll, please… Chuck Swindoll Rounding out the top ten: 3.  Charles Stanley (listen… listen…) 4.  Rick Warren (that purpose thing has really paid of) 5.  John MacArthur (wish I had something smart-allecky to say about Big Mac) 6. Barbara Brown Taylor (who?) 7.  David Jeremiah (a fellow Cedarville alumni) 8.  Max Lucado (way to go, Maxy) 9.  John Piper (Love John Piper) 10.  Andy Stanley (is he still alive?) Who would YOU put on the list?  And who are you surprised is NOT on the list? You can read more here.