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Don’t believe me? There is a new website that will prove it to you.  It will hand-feed you a Martin Luther insult from one of his many writings. It’s a great way to get that little pick-me-up that you need for your day. Try it now! Thank me later. Todd PS – What’s the biggest insult anyone has had the courage to tell you in ministry?  (I find that people will say things inside the four walls of the church that they would NEVER EVER consider saying ‘in real life’.) I’d love to hear yours…

A special thanks to Darrin Patrick for sharing these 8 qualities from Martin Luther on traits a minister must have.  Also read Darrin’s great article on discerning God’s call… 1.  Able to teach systematically 2.  Eloquence 3.  A good voice 4.  A good memory 5.  Knows how to make an end 6.  Sure of his doctrine 7.  Willing to venture body and blood, wealth and honor in the work 8.  Suffers himself to be mocked and jeered by everyone Read Darrin’s thoughts here… What do you think? Todd