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HT to Mark Howell for this one… It’s a quote from Andy Stanley on what would really happen if he, his staff, and all the buildings ceased to exist.
Let’s say that something happens to me, all the staff, and all the buildings simultaneously explode.  Let’s make it worst case scenario.  There’s no staff.  There’s no buildings.  And there’s no me.  Here’s what would happen.  On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the following week, thousands and thousands of adults would gather in homes all over the city and pray together, and do Bible study together and take care of whatever family members are left over and the church is going to go on…. Because at the end of the day, circles are better than rows.  And from day one, we’ve been committed to creating a culture that’s all about circles and not rows.  We are famous for our rows.  But the strength of our churches is what happens in circles.
Great stuff… So… how would YOUR church do if you, your staff, and your buildings were instantly blown off the face of the earth? Would the church continue? Be honest?  What would happen? // Read more from Mark here… Todd

Andy Stanley:  Life happens in circles, not in rows. Mark Howell had a great post this week about rows. Most disciples are not made in rows of chairs… in classrooms… in the worship center. Most disciples are made most of the time one-on-one… one life building upon another. Dawn and I are starting a new small group this next week… and we’re looking forward to getting to know some new people, digging into God’s word, and doing life together.  It’s gonna be fun. Mark says:
Making a disciple is mostly about one life investing in another.  It can happen in a group, but it’s not about one-way communication.  It’s about dialogue.  It is about communicating truth, but way more than just receiving truth.  Making a disciple is about life on life.
Do you agree? Todd