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You need a leader checklist! Want to make a change in your church? Isn’t that what leadership is all about? Sometimes change involves getting people to put aside traditions that are hindering the church from reaching people. Other times change just means the end-result that you want to see in people.  But leadership is all about inducing ‘change’… Mac Lake has developed a leader checklist for leaders as they try to maneuver and lead change. See what you think:
  1. What problem am I trying to address by making a change? (Do others see this same problem?)
  2. Have I taken the time to build relational equity so others will trust and follow my leadership through this change?
  3. Have I enlisted the support of key influencers in the organization to act as ambassadors for the change?
  4. Have I listened to others opinions and understand the objections to the change?
  5. Have I made the purpose of the change clear?
  6. Have my team and I prayed for wisdom and sought godly counsel regarding this potential change?
  7. Have I laid out a reasonable timetable for the change? (Often leaders try to make changes too fast)
  8. Do I have a plan for effectively communicating the change?
You can read more about creating a leader checklist over at
What do you think is the most important item above? What is the one item that you find the hardest in your current leadership situation? todd

Yesterday while taking my oldest son back to college, I heard the country song “A little less talk, and a lot more action”.  Then, this morning, I read this from Mac Lake:
I’ve said it for years, “Leadership development is best done in the context of relationships”. I honestly believe if we neglect the “be with” element of leadership development we will not be effective at developing high quality leaders.  Why?  Because we can teach someone a leadership principle in a class setting and lodge it in their mind.  But it’s only through relationship with another leader they get to see that principle lived out in real life leadership.
It seems that many of us as leaders need to stop talking so much (in large room settings) and acting out a little more (in one-on-one mentoring relationships). Part of leadership is leading. (Duh).  You can’t do that entirely from the pulpit or classroom. via Mac Lake » Blog Archive » The Be With Factor of Mentoring. Do you agree with Mac?  How is the best way to train up leaders?  What works for you?  And what keeps YOU from establishing one-on-one time to build leaders?