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That was the quote of motivational speaker Jim Rohn.  The blog Lifehacker recently posted this quote and it got me thinking.  Is this really true?  And if it is true, is that a GOOD thing or a BAD thing? Perhaps that’s why so many churches are isolated from the very communities that they live in. I’ve been taught from a very early age that those you spend time are the ones who influence you. The end result of that:  you should only hang with people who are just like you… namely, Christians. That’s why when you became a Christian, it was important for you to break bonds with all your current friends. In a real way, that’s how we got Christian schools, Christian sports teams for the kids, Christian gyms… you name it. The people we hang with reinforce who we likely are. keep reading

Consultant Charlie Balmer shares over at LifeHacker the reasons that he doesn’t hire people when they come in for an interview.  Charlie writes:
When you first walk in to my office, I am expecting you to be one of the 99%+ people who I know I won’t hire in the first 5 minutes. I am hoping I will be proven wrong, because I really want to hire you and be done interviewing. Unfortunately, most people looking for jobs don’t deserve them.
Here are some of the reasons: 1.  You send me a stupidly long resume 2.  You can’t tell me why you like your current job 3.  You have no career plans or vision 4.  You have no skills 5.  You answer my questions with conjecture. Then Charlie goes on to tell you how to win with your interview. If you’re looking for a new church job, this article will be helpful to you. And hey… while you’re at it… post your resume at my new website.  It’s free!