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This is an interesting ‘wordle’ of what people are giving up for lent this year.  This list was compiled by Stephen Smith using Twitter’s API.  Turns out that many people are giving up Charlie Sheen for lent.  He came in at #23.  “Tiger Blood” came in at #90.  And Justin Bieber also made the list: via What People Gave Up for Lent, According to Twitter | Liveblog | Christianity Today.

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For the 46 days of Lent, J. Wilson is forgoing solid food and only drinking beer and water – just as Bavarian monks did hundreds of years ago. Wilson is a husband, father, newspaper editor and beer enthusiast. The 38-year-old is the proprietor of the beer blog brewvana, where the motto is, “An ideal condition of harmony, beer and joy.” “That pretty much sums up our lifestyle,” Wilson told CNN. Wilson is not a suds-soaked frat boy, but a careful home brewer with an eye for history and a hope for a spiritual breakthrough. He is a nondenominational Christian who said he doesn’t like to get hung up on religious labels. He is practicing a Lenten fast with Christians throughout the centuries who typically give something up from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday (April 24 this year) to remind them of the sacrifice they believe Jesus made on the cross for them. Typically, Christians give up something such as alcohol or sweets. Wilson knows his sacrifice is bit extreme. He said his wife, Michelle, has been completely supportive. In his experiments as a home brewer in Iowa, he said Michelle “puts up with a yeast blow up on the ceiling.” via For Lent, can man live by brew alone? – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs. // Thank goodness for a completely supportive wife, huh guys? Hmmm…




American Jesus has a great post about the top ten things you should consider giving up for lent. I’ll list them there, but you’ll need to go over to American Jesus for all the pictures and more witty banter on this topic: 10. Charlie Sheen 9. Book reviews for books that haven’t been released (i.e. Rob Bell’s new book) 8. The King James Version of the Bible 7. Bieber Fever 6. Pretending to see Jesus EVERYWHERE (like on a piece of toast) 5. The KFC Double Down 4. The Internet 3. Predicting the Second Coming of Jesus 2. Giving up Cliche things for Lent that in no way help you grow in your faith. 1B. Shouting 1. Hating Everyone that doesn’t agree with you. Read the post here. What are YOU giving up for Lent?