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Dan Rockwell offers this list of the top 12 reasons that leaders fail.  Take a look at the list.  How many fallen leaders do you know that failed because of something on this list?  Also… do some self-inspection  Are there things on this list that you need to watch out for personally?
  1. Neglecting culture. Culture building is job-one for all leaders.
  2. Lack of paranoia. The paranoid think about what could go wrong and make contingency plans.
  3. Bitterness, grudges, and resentment. People fail. Successful leaders allow fresh starts.
  4. Task rather than people focus.
  5. Accepting complexity.
  6. Lack of political awareness. Successful leaders build relationships with powerful players.
  7. Failure to sell successes and accomplishments with humility. If the right people don’t know your value, you aren’t valuable.
  8. Trusting the untested. Talent without a track record is dangerous.
  9. Fearing great talent.
  10. Postponing tough conversations.
  11. People pleasing.
  12. Refusing to adapt. Adaptability is the greatest ability.
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Do you strive for a healthy team? There is nothing more fun (and more exciting) than being a part of a ministry team that is running on all cylinders. But many teams never get there.  How is your team doing in achieving unity? Kem Meyer has some great insights on what makes great teams really work: We’ve got to do it together. Every person has their role in the family effort. And there are threads that weave every role and relationship together like a fabric. That’s what makes us a team. VISION. Vision is a picture of what could be and should be. It binds us together, it invites others to what we’re striving for. If this is clear—it’s a deal maker. If this is not clear— it’s a deal breaker. Those who determine there is worth to the shared vision can do a great work together—more than any of us could ever do solo. [Everything we do is run through, points back to and advances this shared vision.] LEADER. People will join a team because they reasonate with and appreciate a leader, or not. Integrity and servanthood matters in leaders. Leaders face temptations to steer off course and can be undone by their own temptation, vulnerabilities and weaknesses. When the pressure is on, what is true about you will be revealed to the world. Deal with your soul. It is only possible to deceive people for a short time. TEAMMATES.  This has impact on the unity of the team. I can’t work with people who will betray, wound, disparage and gossip about me. VALUES.  When we all agree THIS is how we are going to treat each other, our daily mission is cohesive. [Our team values.] // Read more here… Four things that make teams thrive in every season..