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Now for a story that has no consequence for any of us.  In fact, it’s a little diversion that I just think is odd… Katy Perry’s pastor parents are trying to arrange a meeting between her and Tim Tebow.  According to OK! Magazine, they are trying to set up a meeting between their daughter and the football star. Maybe Katy would like to date Tim; but would Tim date Katy? Can you imagine the backlash in the Christian community support for Tim Tebow if he decided to go out with Katy Perry? Sorry, Katy (and her parents)… I don’t see that happening. Doesn’t hurt for the parents to try a little matchmaking though, I guess. SOURCE

Current Events
Katy Perry’s pastor parents are evidently pretty ecstatic about their daughter’s upcoming divorce, apparently saying that the divorce is a gift from God: Katy’s mom at a church service near Cleveland:  I’m sure that Katy’s trending on the Internet was to get you here to church tonight. Katy’s dad:  “What has taken place in my daughter’s life has opened many opportunities to go in and be with guarded and gated people… God has given us a platform to go in and meet people — and they like us because we are cool. We are not threatening.’ More from the DailyMail: Katy was brought up as a devout Christian in Santa Barbara, California. She listened only to gospel music and was banned from watching TV. Keith also choked back tears when talking about his daughter’s different lifestyle, reported The Sun. ‘I love my daughter and I will always love her. Stop being judgmental and critical. Do not close the doors to your loved ones, especially your children. ‘Just because they do not like what you do or what you are, they are still praying that you stay in the race. They are counting on you. ‘I believe in God, for every one of my children.’ However they are sure to attract criticism after Keith made ‘joke’ remarks many would consider anti-Semitic. He said: ‘You know how to make the Jew jealous? Have some money, honey. ‘You go to LA and they own all the Rolex and diamond places. Walk down a part of LA where we live and it is so rich it smells. ‘You ever smell rich? They are all Jews, hallelujah. Amen.’ The service comes as it was claimed the 14-month marriage ended because Russell continuously mocked his in-laws’ beliefs at family events. Read more: Read more: