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You remember Josh McDowell?  Well, at last week’s Christian Retail Show, McDowell told attendees this:
“The Internet has given atheists, agnostics, skeptics, the people who like to destroy everything that you and I believe, the almost equal access to your kids as your youth pastor and you have… whether you like it or not… Now here is the problem. Going all the way back, when Al Gore invented the Internet [he said jokingly], I made the statement off and on for 10-11 years that the abundance of knowledge, the abundance of information, will not lead to certainty; it will lead to pervasive skepticism. And, folks, that’s exactly what has happened. It’s like this. How do you really know, there is so much out there… This abundance [of information] has led to skepticism. And then the Internet has leveled the playing field [giving equal access to skeptics].”
Insert my take here: 1.  Josh wants to let us know that he was right all along.  That always stings a little when someone tries to tell me “I told you so”. 2.  So the increase of information has led to skepticism?  Seems to me that’s only one side of the coin.  The internet has also been a tremendous help to Christians.  Look at all the ministry that goes on online these days.  Rather, it seems to me that it’s a matter of the glass half full or half empty.  Sure, the internet has made things like atheism, pornography, and any number of bad things more accessible (even terrorist activity)… but it has also been a great help to education, positive information, and yes… the Church. It can’t all be bad. (how in the world did he get THAT domain name?) is up and running for business. Maybe I’m getting old.  Maybe I’m just really cynical.  But Christians always dwelling on the negative things or how horrible the world is is a little tiring for me. Instead of just telling us what a huge problem something is… give some solutions.  Come on folks… let’s make it happen.  If the internet is the biggest threat out there, let’s mobilize and do something about it (other than trying to get atheists banned from the internet). Stirring up the base just stirs up the base.  It doesn’t create or do anything but get lots of amens. Thoughts? More here. Todd