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Whilest I was doing the previous post, I found this mugshot from John Maxwell from his episode with the law a few years ago.  Hadn’t seen this before… but thought you might enjoy it. Moral of the story:  Remember to unpack your firearm before going to the airport. And in case you’re wondering and are ready to send me a mean email about posting this… John actually posted it himself here. Todd

Thanks to Linda Stanley (@lindastanley) for passing this along. This is real, folks.  John Maxwell now has ringtones.  John call actually alert you to new phone calls with an inspirational quote or irrefutable law.  For just $1.99 each. (I’ll record some wit and wisdom for you, and personally use your name for just $.99) Something like, “Harry, this is Todd… quite reading your Bible, you have a phone call.” or Zelda, you’re such a great leader.  Sorry to interrupt, but you have a call.” It would be like me being your personal assistant. So… are you going to download any John Maxwell ringtones today? Just wondering. Todd