Joel and Oprah

Tim Schraeder has written a wonderful synopsis of Joel Osteen’s appearance on Oprah’s new show over the weekend.  I think it’s worth your read. Some of the more interesting things to me: On preaching prosperity: Why would people think preaching prosperity is a bad thing? I don’t know who would say that you aren’t supposed 

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Joel's Ego

Oprah sits down with Joel Osteen as part of her new show that airs this Sunday.  Here’s the preview. Looks interesting to me, actually. Do you plan to watch?     Tweet Share Share Pin +1 Reddit StumbleTotal Shares 0

Top twitterers

The New York Times Magazine used Twitalyzer to score celebrities’ influence through Twitter, ranking them according to retweets and mentions. In the category of religion, the top five were: 1. Rick Warren Followers: 236,054 Influence: 87 2. Joel Osteen Followers: 160,445 Influence: 87 3. Deepak Chopra Followers: 401,709 Influence: 85 4. Dalai Lama Followers: 1,313,098 

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