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How is a guy supposed to pray? Joel Hunter offers five prayers that God will always answer (in a recent post at MinistryToday): 1:”Lord, get me out of this temptation!” Believe it or not, when we earnestly pray this prayer, we have to climb over God’s impediments to sin! 2: “Lord, amaze me with a glimpse of the supernatural.” As shallow as this sounds, this isn’t the same as a generation always looking for signs. This prayer is a request to see God’s hand in our lives and appreciate His nearness. He loves to reveal Himself above all rational explanation, but we do not usually ask or look. 3:”Lord, show me better ways to love and serve.” Most guys are bored with their own routines and are frustrated with their own lack of creativity. Why not ask God to break you out of your rut?  A word of caution: If you pray this prayer, you will discover that people are yelling at you for a reason. It is God’s ventriloquism trying to get you to see a new perspective. 4: “Lord, use me for Your purpose in this situation.” The great adequacy of God is that He can use us when we do not know what to say or do or even think! Many times we are reluctant to enter into a potential place of ministry because we think we surely would mess it up. 5: “Lord, glorify Your name.” There are many times when I have no idea what God wants me to pray. I can see the good and bad in each alternative. via Joel Hunter: 5 Prayers God Always Answers. Anything you’d add to the list?
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I hate hearing stories like this.  Please pray for the Hunter Family, both Isaac and Rhonda, their children, and the Summit Church.  Here is part of the story from the Orlando Sentinel: Before his resignation last week as pastor of Summit Church, Isaac Hunter was in a downward spiral of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicidal thoughts, according to a domestic violence petition filed by his wife Rhonda Hunter last Friday. “I currently fear for my life and the lives of our three children. Isaac is unstable and has demonstrated erratic behavior, alcohol abuse, and fits of rage,” Rhonda Hunter wrote in a petition for a temporary restraining order against her husband. The same day it was submitted, her petition was granted by Circuit Judge Roger J. McDonald in an order that bars Isaac Hunter from the couple’s Winter Park home, his church, his children’s schools and his wife’s work place. Isaac Hunter, 35, is the middle child of prominent evangelist Joel Hunter, senior pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed in Longwood. Isaac Hunter’s resignation, after admitting an affair with a church staff member, came on Nov. 28, one day after his 13th wedding anniversary. Rhonda Hunter, 35, spelled out acts of violence and abuse that began in Feburary 2011 and culminated on Nov. 25 when Isaac left their house with two guns and called three days later requesting to see his three children “one last time.” “I am afraid that his ‘one last time’ will result in the death of our children — going out in a blaze of glory,” Rhonda Hunter wrote in her petition. The couple has two daughters and a son, ages 11, 9 and 5. Hunter’s family later found an undated suicide note on his computer and instructions to Summit Church on what should be done “If I die” written sometime before his 35th birthday on April 26, according to court documents. “I would very much like to be remembered as a person who loved his children, his parents, his brothers, and his best friends — well, while I could,” the suicide note said. “I fear I will love them better in my absence. As I have become what I never wished to be, a burden on those I love the most.” Calls to Rhonda Hunter were not returned. Isaac Hunter could not be reached. Joel Hunter was unavailable for comment, a spokesman for the church said. // Read more at Isaac Hunter domestic violence: Isaac Hunter’s wife files domestic violence petition Few understand the pressure and spiritual attack that many in ministry face.  That appears to be the case in Orlando.  Satan has won a victory here.  How he did it, I don’t know… but I’m sure it’s wrecking this family and this church. Please take a few moments now to pray for Summit and for the Hunter family. And please, search your heart… if you’re anywhere close to being open to this kind of thing as a pastor, get some help today.  Right this minute. The cause of Christ is too important to have this kind of thing happen to you, your family, and the church. If you’re weak, depressed, under attack, susceptible to sin, caught in sin… PLEASE reach out to someone.  I’m here for some confidential venting as well… and maybe I can help hook you up with someone who can discreetly help you in your situation before it’s too late.  My email is toddrhoades at Todd