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Jim Tomberlin answers the question:  what are the characteristics of a church that is on its way to becoming a true multi-site church?  Here are some of the traits that I have observed among churches that seem to have made the shift from single-site to a multi-site paradigm: 1.  Four or more geographical campuses. 2.  A dedicated multisite champion on the senior team. 3.  At least 50% of total church attendance beyond the original campus. 4.  A teaching team that fully or partially utilizes video delivery. 5.  Dedicated central staff that supports all the campuses. 6.  A dedicated campus pastor at the original campus who is not the senior pastor. 7.  Regional campus-focused decision making rather that central campus-focused decision making. 8.  Grandchildren campuses. Multi-site campuses launching campuses. 9.  Campuses beyond 30 minutes from the original campus. Most of these will come through church mergers. 10.  Empowered local campus pastors who are unquestionably committed to the mission, vision, values and strategy of the founding church. Is your church truly multisite? via Is Your Church Truly MultiSite?.