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James McDonald shares how Harvest Bible Fellowship handles staff transitions… What can you learn from James today? What do you think?  Do you agree with what James said? I’m wondering two things this morning: 1.  What was your best (or worst) transition, personally, in ministry?  Why was it the best (or worst)? 2.  What was the best transition (or worst) in ministry that you’ve ever witnessed up close and personal?  What was it the best (or worst)? I’d love to hear your comments! Todd

James McDonald has a great post on his blog about how each leader should acquire a sense of, what he calls, ‘holy indifference’.  These are things that a leader should not care about.  The first one:  Don’t care about criticism from people you don’t know… Here’s what James says about this subject: I don’t care about criticism from people I don’t know. Criticism is helpful and good and I have benefited greatly from it, but hardly ever from a stranger. People close to me give helpful criticism. People I know who differ from me, but who I am in relationship with help me see what those too close might miss. But I just don’t care about grenades thrown by folks I’ve never met and who am not in community with. I could care; I could get wrapped up in responding to every attempt to detonate, but I just can’t waste my caring on that, there are many other more important things to care about. I wholeheartedly agree.  I think an important part of the power of criticism (positive or negative) is being in relationship with the person you are criticizing.  If there is no relationship, then put the criticism aside.  The truth is… if they’re concern is, indeed valid, someone you are in relationship with will bring it to your attention. What do YOU think? Todd You can read more of James’ thoughts here…