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Many churches are starting purely internet campuses these days.  And of course, many people are skeptics.  Well, Brian Vasil is speaking out about his experience as an internet campus pastor.  Brian serves as the internet campus pastor at Flamingo Road Church in Miami.  Turns out that, according to Brian, it’s about much, much more than technology… In a guest post at, Brian shares:

I tell any church that is even remotely interested in starting an Internet Campus…if you are going to put your messages out there, chat about them, and allow prayer requests, you have to have a dedicated Pastor available to help shepherd the digital flock.  Sometimes my inbox resembles the online prayer scene in Bruce Almighty…but I consider it a privilege to pray and care for people around the globe.    Many churches don’t start Internet Campuses because they don’t have the right “technology” person to lead it.  The tech will take care of itself.  Find a person whose Pastoral heart beats for people he may never meet physically but loves just the same.

Is it possible that if people are doing all their shopping, banking, investing, social networking, and dating online, that they might be able to grow spiritually through an on-line church campus? I think the answer has to be yes. What do you think? You can read more of Brian’s thoughts here… Todd

A video on YouTube shows a woman being baptized at her home bathtub in Georgia. The pastor is at the church, Flamingo Road Florida.  Both parties are connected through internet webcams. This is actually quite old (February of 2008), but I just saw a newspaper article written up on this. Click here to read the article (that shares different views on whether or not this should be done)… So… what do YOU think?