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Mike Leake thinks maybe we need to stop complaining about the state of the church: I have lost track of how many books begin by telling me how jacked up the church is.  Usually after lambasting the church and pointing out her many failures there is some obligatory statement on how Jesus still loves her and how she is the only hope of this generation.  But at present she is unattractive, whorish, and a little on the ugly side.  What usually follows is the author’s solution for making the church not quite such an ugly old hag. I’ll be the first to confess that I’ve spoken numerous times on how the church can be a pretty messed-up place.  When Jesus draws sinners into such an intimate fellowship things can get ugly.  So, I get why people say that the church isn’t quite how she ought to be. Yet if I overheard some dude talking about my wife the way that we often talk about Jesus’ bride I’d start turning green like the Incredible Hulk and probably smash him in the nose.  “Jesus, your wife is an ugly old hag that often plays the harlot, and she is unattractive to even her best friends.  But have no fear I’ve written a book that will shape her up to make her respectable.”  See how ignorant that sounds? I wonder if Jesus ever wants to thump us in the nose for the way we talk about His precious Bride that He is washing in the water of the Word? // read more here… I’ve often said… you can say what you want to about me, but don’t say anything bad about my wife.  Should we feel uncomfortable when we talk negatively about the bride of Christ? What do YOU think? Todd