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One of the biggest questions right now, whether it be personal or business, is how to innovate and move past what has come before. In fact, whole companies have grown up around the idea of innovation and fostering it within staid organizations. But really it comes down to a single question. What If? Throughout the ages, innovation has been fostered by imagining what is possible instead of what you can do with your current resources. The key way to innovate is to question the status quo and “ask the right questions” – not what can we do now, but what is possible. via How To Innovate By Asking The Right Questions. What ‘What if’ questions should the church be asking these days? What’s the last ‘what if’ question you asked in your ministry?  

Technology I don’t know of another website like this in the US. This is a creative ministry idea from the UK. People tell local churches their specific needs and it gets posted to the internet.  Then people can give to specific needs. Simple, innovative, and solves problems. How many requests for help do you get at your church, especially around the holidays.  Most churches don’t know how to help (and can’t help everyone).  This seems like a great solution. Maybe someone reading this would like to start something like this. You start it… I’ll help promote it! Todd

If your church is at all interested in getting outside your building and looking for new ideas to reach people far from God, then take a look at these 29 top Externally Focused ideas from 2011.  After looking at a ton of different ideas, the Externally Focused Network narrowed it down to the best 29 ideas that exemplify what it means to be an externally focused church. You can check it out here… … then let me know what you think. What’s the BEST idea? Is there any that you think you’ll try in YOUR church? Todd