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Mark Altrogge has a great post on being a ‘connector’ this morning over at  Here’s what challenged me: Every Christian should be a Connector. We should find everyone interesting and be enthused about people, and see everyone as unique and created in God’s image.  We should “see possibility,” and while most of the world is “busily choosing whom (they) would like to know, and rejecting the people who don’t look right or live out near the airport,” we should “like them all.” Very true… sometimes, (especially on Mondays), I more or less isolate myself from people… most of the time, I tell myself it’s because I have work to get done. People, to be honest, sometimes annoy the crap out of me. And I consider myself a connector.  🙂 So my goal for this week… make a more tangible effort to ‘see possibility’ in people all around me this week. (And before you judge me too much, don’t get up and shut your office door when you look out your window and see that certain person walking up to the church.  And… who’s caller ID will you NOT answer this morning).  🙂 How do you open yourself up to people when you feel the need to withdraw? Todd