Vicky Beeching on her ‘Coming Out’: “We Live in Historic Times”

Vicky Beeching:  We Live in Historic Times Click To Tweet Last year, Worship Artist and Song Writer Vicky Beeching shocked many when she announced she was gay.  You probably sing some of Vicky’s songs in your church (like Glory to God Forever). The revelation sent shock-waves through the Christian community… some even asking if it 

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How Would You Respond To The Request of This Family?

Vanessa Collier died on December 30. Vanessa was a lesbian. According to ABC News: Hundreds of Collier’s closest family and friends packed into New Hope Ministries in Lakewood, Colorado Saturday to celebrate her life. But minutes before the start of the funeral service, relatives say they were shocked to hear that the funeral service would 

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How Much Transparency is TOO MUCH Transparency?

Is it possible to have TOO much transparency, especially in the pulpit? Click To Tweet A recent story over at the Christian Post tells about Pastor Allan Edwards, a Presbyterian church pastor from Pennsylvania who recently told his congregation that he deals with homosexual attraction. Here’s how the confession came about, according to Edwards: “The 

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Joel and Oprah

Tim Schraeder has written a wonderful synopsis of Joel Osteen’s appearance on Oprah’s new show over the weekend.  I think it’s worth your read. Some of the more interesting things to me: On preaching prosperity: Why would people think preaching prosperity is a bad thing? I don’t know who would say that you aren’t supposed 

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Best Argument?

I don’t mean to get all political.  That’s not the purpose of this post. But when it comes to homosexuality, and gay marriage in particular, culture has us pushed up against the wall. When the church disagrees with something that’s becoming socially acceptable, what is the best way to respond. Here, Rick Santorum, tries to 

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New NIV: Tougher on Homosexuality

According to the Christian Post, the latest version of the popular NIV Bible translation has had its verses on homosexuality reworded, making them clearer in denouncing the practice, according to Dr. Douglas J. Moo for Wheaton Collage, a theologian who helped with the translation says. “The 1984 NIV rendering … did not make clear whether homosexual activity per se was being 

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