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Good, sound, theology.  It doesn’t matter what comes my way… I’ll be happy in the Lord, anyway. Kinda makes it sound like today’s gonna be crappy.  But, oh well… I’ve still got the Lord. Anyway.  My day’s not a TOTAL loss. Nothing else to say about this one… other than, growing up as an independent, fundamental baptist, I’m just left wondering what’s going on at Pensacola these days?  You’re now using sound tracks?  With drums? Singing this ‘feel good’ music? I have one word for you:  ICHABOD. Come on! Those of you who grew up like I did, know EXACTLY what that means, and are hopefully enjoying a good laugh now. What’s YOUR theology on having a happy day? HT:

Are you happy in your church job?  Well… a new study says that if you fake your happiness when you’re at work, it can actually make things much worse. According to, few people consider being 100 percent honest when asked how it’s going at work. But overcompensating on a bad day can not only make your secretly bad mood worse, it can hurt your task focus. Here’s the scoop… essentially, people who smile and act happy when they are having a bad day are actually more withdrawn from their work than people that are honest about their day.  And… it’s worse for women than for men, according to the study. According to the article, those who created smiles by thinking positive thoughts, or engaged in “deep acting,” seemed to actually cheer up, and their work output increased. So, I guess attitude has a lot to do with it. How do you act when you’re having a bad day?  Or when you hate your job?  Do you cop the fake smile, or actually think positive thoughts that help you stay engaged in the actual work you have to do. Seems like a fine line to me many times… but it could be important in how much work you really get done… even on a bad time or during a bad season. via Faking Happiness Can Make Your Bad Mood Worse. Your thoughts?