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A mourner must have felt his cheeks burning after his phone went off during a funeral. But when the ringtone that echoed round the church was Staying Alive by the Bee Gees, it is fair to say he wished the earth could have swallowed him up. Now Reverend Martin Morgan from St Margaret’s Church in Rottingdean has urged parishioners to make sure earthly communications are switched off while their thoughts turn to heavenly matters. “It took a while before people realised what the song was and then fortunately most people found it quite funny. The culprit looked very embarrassed. I think they probably looked in the other direction and tried to pretend it wasn’t them. That’s what people usually do.” via Rottingdean rev’s warning after “Staying Alive” funeral blunder (From The Argus). What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to YOU during a funeral?

Remember, the lady that was texting while walking through the mall and fell into the fountain?  It was an internet sensation last week.  And. it. was. funny. Well, turns out the woman in the video is ticked.  Ticked that mall security tapes of her falling into the mall fountain were released on YouTube.  Also disgusting to her were the mall security personnel laughing at her with their play-by-play of the tape. After all, Cathy Cruz Marrero is a Christian, and was just texting back a friend from church. Not that that has anything to do with it. Or the fact that nobody in the world knew who she was or who everyone was laughing at until she talked to the local TV station. Well… one person, I guess knew it was her.  Another friend from church saw the video on YouTube, recognized her walk, and called her to make sure she was ok. One thing leads to another, and now Cathy may sue.  I’m just not sure what for. What do you think? Would you side with Cathy?  We really shouldn’t take videos of people doing stupid things (or funny things) and post them on YouTube, even if they’re anonymous? Or with the Mall security people who posted this, because it was ‘just too good NOT to share with the world’. I think I’d be in the latter’s camp. I’ve learned a long time ago that I had better learn to laugh at myself… if only because others are already laughing at me. Go figure. What say you? Todd

This was an interesting video that is making the rounds on YouTube.  I thought it would be fun for today.  This poor girl just got her widsom teeth pulled; and she very well may have had just a little too much medication.  The first minute is entertaining, but about a minute in, it gets really exciting with a drugged up version of “Who’s in the house”.  Can you guess who?

OK… since it’s Tuesday after a holiday weekend, most of you (I hope) took yesterday off.  Well, to get you back in work-mode, what’s better than a refreshing reminder from Old Spice.  Watch this.  You might even want to drop by CVS on your morning break and pick up some Old Spice.  I SO want to be this guy… What helps get you going after a long holiday weekend? Todd

It’s Monday, and sometimes on Monday you just have to take a couple minutes and relax.  Well, this video should help you out.  Pete Wilson shared this recently on his blog.  Most of us are either in, or have recently excited the ‘mini-van’ stage of life.  I graduated last year (I’m happy to say).  And somehow, I don’t remember mini-van life being quite this sexy: What is your favorite mini-van memory? I have one I might share if prompted enough. Todd