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Dr. Chappell is pretty friendly and likeable for a strict fundamentalist.  One of the friendliest I’ve seen.  I think he’d be a great guy to sit down and have lunch with.  (And he’d actually have lunch with me, even though I’m not a Baptist). Here are some things that help determine, in his mind, who we can link to/support in the Christian community: 1.  Fundamentals of the Faith 2.  Cessationaists 3.  Alcohol 4.  Bible Version 5.  Music Choice and Conforming to the World 6.  Identity as a Baptist I do appreciate that he is friendly and not condescending to those who do not agree. And, unlike many ‘independent baptists’, he does not discount the ‘christianity’ or ‘savedness’ of those outside of items 2 -6.  But he’s pretty firm that he won’t feel comfortable recommending or ‘sharing a platform’ with anyone who doesn’t keep his view of items 2 -6. I understand the logic.  It’s what I grew up with.  But I think it’s flawed for one simple reason.  I think Dr. Chappell has made items 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to be equal with #1. I do not. I don’t believe that a drum or a verse from The Message is something that should be a ‘test of fellowship’. Nor do I believe that being Baptist should be a pre-requisite.  Man, that constriction alone takes out ALMOST everyone in the New Testament. So… all that said… we all have lines. Where’s yours? Who will you NOT fellowship or break bread with?  And why?

Good, sound, theology.  It doesn’t matter what comes my way… I’ll be happy in the Lord, anyway. Kinda makes it sound like today’s gonna be crappy.  But, oh well… I’ve still got the Lord. Anyway.  My day’s not a TOTAL loss. Nothing else to say about this one… other than, growing up as an independent, fundamental baptist, I’m just left wondering what’s going on at Pensacola these days?  You’re now using sound tracks?  With drums? Singing this ‘feel good’ music? I have one word for you:  ICHABOD. Come on! Those of you who grew up like I did, know EXACTLY what that means, and are hopefully enjoying a good laugh now. What’s YOUR theology on having a happy day? HT: