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A new piece over at the CNN BeliefBlog tells a story of disconnect. What they’re saying is this:  most religious groups are against abortion, but don’t necessarily want to overturn Roe v. Wade: Here are some stats.  See what you think: 53% of while evangelicals favor completely overturning Roe v. Wade. That’s evangelicals.  But now look at these: 76% of white protestants 65% of black Protestants 64% of white Catholics say the ruling should NOT be overturned. But when asked if abortion is morally wrong: 73% of white evangelicals said yes 58% of  black Protestants said yes 58% of Catholics said yes 36% of white Protestants The synopsis:  “What is interesting about this aspect of abortion attitudes is that while many people find abortion to be problematic, they may either personally feel it is wrong or favor greater restrictions. Overturning Roe v. Wade is not nearly as supported an idea,” said Michael Dimock, director at the Pew Research Center. “The vast majority of evangelicals say they see abortion as morally wrong, but barely a majority say that they want to see Roe v. Wade overturned.” What do YOU think? Is this a disconnect? Do you think Roe v. Wade will EVER be overturned?  Should it?
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The founding church of the Sovereign Grace ministries movement, Covenant Life Church, headed by Joshua Harris, has evidently asked it’s congregation to sever ties with the movement. Some of you may have been following the Sovereign Grace story over the past couple of years.  It’s an interested case study. I’ll admit, I have read some of the stuff… from both sides, and it really turns my stomach. Both sides have dug in and Covenant Life’s departure may be just the most recent casualty. I have no insider information, don’t know anyone inside the movement, and they are out of the circle I normally run with… so I’m looking at this from a total outsider’s viewpoint. My problem… at least in this situation… is that leaders on both sides have dug in their heels… insisting that they are right and the other party is wrong. That’s good.  There probably is a right and a wrong party here. But what has been  unfortunate is the pages and pages of documentation that has been released from both sides… hundreds, probably thousands of documents… timelines… email leaks… etc. trying to prove points. It’s really been maddening… unlike anything I’ve really ever seen in the church world. And I have no problem thinking there are great followers of Jesus on both sides of the issue. But at some point, it does no one any good to continue the bickering. Maybe that’s where Covenant Life is.  Maybe they’re tired of the fight.  Maybe their digging in their heels more by just leaving.  I don’t know… but it does make me sad, regardless. Case in point.  Full documentation.  Too much information?  Too public?  You decide. Are these public church fights EVER good for the church? What do you think? Todd

It was a pretty simply ploy according to prosecutors.  Set up a separate account called with “Ministry” in the name of it; forge your treasurer’s signature, and you’re off to the races. Not sure how he got the money into the account without being caught… … for TEN YEARS. // Read the story here… Lessons: 1.  If you’re a pastor… DON’T TOUCH THE MONEY 2.  If you’re a pastor… DON’T TOUCH THE MONEY… EVER. 3.  If you’re in a position of authority, make sure you don’t let the pastor touch the money… ever. 4.  Set up safeguards when counting and accounting for the money… every cent of it. QUESTION:  is there ever, EVER a way that this kind of thing could go on in a church for ten years and not be discovered by anyone? I think not… if the proper accountability methods would have been in place. What think you?

Prophets Mike and Cindy Jacobs think so: I don’t know… what do YOU think? I do think that prayer is important.  That is why I pray.  But I’m not sure on this side of eternity the impact that it has. My guess:  it has a greater impact that we EVER imagine.  And that all of us (me especially) would spend our day much more effectively if we stopped what we thought was important, and started to pray more. Still… when I hear people talk like that, it makes me uncomfortable. Am I the only one?  Is it wrong? Thoughts? Todd